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Perthshire Xmas paperweight for 1972
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Paperweight People
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This site exists to help anyone who is interested in glass paperweights to find the information that they are looking for. We sell glass paperweights - so there are of course images of some of the paperweights that we have for sale. We also buy glass paperweights, whether whole paperweight collections or a single paperweight of good quality. We also offer free help with identification or valuation.

What you can find here:

There are links to various collectors clubs around the world, and to books that can help you understand more about the fascinating and complex subject of paperweights; to various glass paperweight sites; to paperweight makers and dealers; and to other related topics.

There are also pages to help you identify glass paperweights - but this is a complex and difficult topic, so there are no guarantees of success! Many paperweights in circulation were made in China or Murano, and so we have included:

Contacting us

By email:

or send a message to: alan.thornton@physics.org

You can telephone us on: 01935 822316 (from outside the UK use 0044 1935 822316).

Advice and information - help with paperweight identification and valuation

We can probably help you with the identification and valuation of your paperweights (whether for sale, insurance or probate) - please ask, as we do not charge for this unless you want a written report.  We usually help two or three people per week.

We retired from our professional careers over ten years ago to live in Somerset, and now spend a lot of time on what was our hobby - collecting glass paperweights. As a result we are specialists in many types of paperweight, and we write articles and give talks about them in the UK and abroad. Alan is also the Newsletter Editor for the Paperweight Collectors Circle.

We do know enough to spot the occasional errors in the catalogues of major auction houses, for example - but we don't know everything: anyone who claims to is deluding themselves!

Paperweights for sale

We do have paperweights for sale - please contact us if you would like more information on any shown. We usually have a range of top quality pieces for sale, including antique French, old English, Ysart, Stankard, Buzzini and various other makers, only some of which are shown here.

You can pay by cheque, bank (wire) transfer, or credit or debit card through Paypal (you can now do this without having a Paypal account). Prices shown include free worldwide shipping for items priced over £250.00. We often have weights for sale on eBay - click here to check if any are listed at the moment. You will see from our excellent feedback on well over two thousand transactions that we are completely reliable, and provide high quality pieces. And, of course, we are always on the lookout to buy interesting paperweights - whether single items or a whole collection.

We do not sell at any antiques or glass fairs, but we do sell at meetings of the Paperweight Collectors Circle and the Northern Paperweight Society.

Recommended books

We recommend Miller's Guide as a good value starter guide ( usually under £5 ) to identifying and learning about glass paperweights. If you collect Caithness paperweights, then the Charlton Catalogue is very helpful, and for Scottish paperweights more generally, try Scottish Paperweights by Bob Hall. For an overview of paperweights more generally, have a look at World Paperweights by Fleming & Pomerencke. There are many more books to do with paperweights and paperweight collecting more widely on the Books pages.

We have added to this site some of the articles that we have written for various publications.  We hope they are of interest, and maybe inspire you to join one of the collectors' organisations such as the Paperweight Collectors Circle.


Here are two items concerning English paperweights: (article) (guide)

UK Makers

We have some very skilled and innovative makers in the UK, including well known names such as John Deacons, Willie Manson, Peter MacDougall, Peter Holmes, Richard Golding, Jonathan Harris and Mike Hunter. There are many others not as well known. It is worth checking up on smaller glass studios in your own locality - you never know what you will find. In our area we have Siddy Langley and Will Shakspeare - both superb glass artists, who make some paperweights.

Please browse the site, and let me know what you think would improve it - and please send me useful links if you have any. We hope you enjoy the site, and enjoy paperweights......they are an art form, an object of fascination, a topic of conversation..... and no doubt more besides.  For example, seek out the Infinity Project on Josh Simpson's site for a different way to display (?) paperweights.

© alan & helen thornton 2005-2014

This site is updated regularly - sometimes daily - so remember to check for news and additional information.

Selected paperweights for sale
Click on pictures to enlarge / for more images. Click links above for more.
We have a wide range of paperweights for sale including modern Scottish, French and American examples, together with a selection of high quality antiques. There are too many to list fully here, so please ask if you have a particular area of interest.

Peter McDougall 2010 Forget-me-nots paperweight (ref. 5587) Perthshire 1983D paperweight (ref. 5392) Peter McDougall chequerboard paperweight (ref. 5263) Salvador Ysart signed paperweight (ref. 5241)
Peter McDougall
Muslin ground
£130.00 Reserved
Perthshire LE
Peter McDougall
Garlanded chequer
Salvador Ysart
signed with Y

Perthshire 1996 LE Magnum paperweight (ref. 5541) Rare Perthshire2001 bird paperweight (ref. 5314) Salvador Ysart 3D butterfly paperweight (ref. 5662) Paul Ysart bouquet paperweight (ref. 5663)
Perthshire 1996
LE Magnum
Perthshire LE 2001
rare - 15 made only
Salvador Ysart
3D Butterfly
£390.00 SOLD
Paul Ysart
Garlanded bouquet

Perthshire 1994B paperweight (ref. 5414) Perthshire PP11 1978 paperweight (ref. 5416) Perthshire PP203 1999 paperweight (ref. 5419) Randall Grubb Grapes 1991 paperweight (ref. 4673)
Perthshire 1994B
LE Carpet ground
Perthshire PP11
1978 version
Perthshire PP203
rare 1999 design
Randall Grubb
1991 Grapes

Clichy turquoise ground paperweight (ref. 2171) Peter McDougall double overlay paperweight (ref. 5590) Peter Holmes Yelverton paperweight (ref. 4755) John Deacons pansy paperweight (ref. 5297)
Clichy 18 roses
Turquoise ground
Peter McDougall
Double Overlay
Peter Holmes
PH cane Yelverton
John Deacons
1995 Pansy

Perthshire LE 1980E swirl paperweight (ref. 5325) Perthshire LE Sweetbriar Crown (ref. 5610) Perthshire LE 1991D bouquet paperweight (ref. 5383) Perthshire LE PP96 paperweight (ref. 5390)
Perthshire 1980E
LE Triple Swirl
Perthshire LE
Sweetbriar Crown
Perthshire 1991D
LE Bouquet
Perthshire LE
PP96 1987

Perthshire PP83 inkwell paperweight (ref. 4952) Orient & Flume 1979 paperweight (ref. 5646) Perthshire prototype design paperweight (ref. 5561) Perthshire PP132 inkwell paperweight (ref. 5536)
Perthshire Inkwell
PP83 pre-1993
Orient & Flume
1979 iridescent
Perthshire prototype
Nursery Rhymes
Perthshire Inkwell

Paul Ysart CP millefiori paperweight (ref. 5243) Paul Ysart millefiori paperweight (ref. 5219) Perthshire PP17 doorknob paperweights (ref. 5207) Paul Ysart millefiori paperweight (ref. 5656)
Paul Ysart 1930s
closepack centre
Paul Ysart
aventurine spokes
Perthshire PP17
door knob pair
Paul Ysart 1930s

Perthshire LE 1986C dragonfly paperweight (ref. 5341) Rick Ayotte mini Finch and Berries paperweight (ref. 5289) Rick Ayotte mini Hummingbird paperweight (ref. 5288) Rick Ayotte mini Warbler paperweight (ref. 5286)
Perthshire 1986C
LE Dragonfly
Rick Ayotte
mini Finch 2002
Rick Ayotte
mini Hummingbird
Rick Ayotte
mini Warbler 1988
£240.00 Reserved

Strathearn magnum paperweight (ref. 4483) Rick Ayotte magnum roses paperweight (ref. 5282) Perthshire LE 1986D paperweight (ref. 5347) Parabelle Glass 1 0f 1 Artists Proof paperweight (ref. 5280)
Strathearn Glass
Magnum S 70
Rick Ayotte
magnum roses
Perthshire 1986D
LE Strawberries
Parabelle Glass
Artist's Proof

John Deacons porthole paperweight (ref. 5298) Clichy miniature paperweight (ref. 5594) Paul Ysart millefiori paperweight (ref. 5240) Melissa Ayotte Berry Bouquet paperweight (ref. 5284)
John Deacons
Porthole 2005
Clichy mini
central rose cane
Paul Ysart
1930s concentric
Melissa Ayotte
Berry Bouquet

Peter McDougall overlay bouquet paperweight (ref. 5590) Steven Lundberg water lily paperweight (ref. 5277) Ken Rosenfeld Sunflowers paperweight (ref. 5274) Caithness Whitefriars Butterfly Duet paperweight (ref. 5601)
Peter McDougall
overlay bouquet
Steven Lundberg
Water Lily + bud
Ken Rosenfeld
Sunflowers 1998
Caithness Whitefriars
Butterfly Duet

Selkirk Summer Magic Butterfly paperweight (ref. 5169) William Manson 1980 Butterfly paperweight (ref. 5299) John Deacons double overlay paperweight (ref. 3783) Caithness LE Robin paperweight (ref. 5602)
Selkirk Glass
Summer Magic
William Manson
1980 LE Butterfly
ohn Deacons 1999
Double Overlay
Caithness LE
1981 Robin

Antique Baccarat B1848 millefiori paperweight (ref. 19283 Murano magnum crown  paperweight (ref.4973) Antique Baccarat Dog Rose paperweight (ref. 2104) Antique Baccarat B1846 millefiori paperweight (ref. 2209)
Antique Baccarat
B1848 closepack
Murano Crown
Magnum 1950s
Antique Baccarat
Large Dog Rose
Antique Baccarat
B1846 closepack

Antique Saint Louis mushroom paperweight (ref. 2208) Clichy scramble 2 roses paperweight (ref. 19423) Clichy mushroom paperweight (ref.19047) Phoenix Paperweights LE paperweight (ref. 5651)
Antique Saint-Louis

Clichy scramble
two roses
Rare mushroom
LE 2002

Scottish paperweights - more Perthshire here more Deacons / Manson here

Selkirk paperweight LE 3-D primrose (ref. 4754) Perthshire paperweight LE 2000E Budgies (ref. 4915) Caithness  LE Butterfly paperweight (ref. 3852) Paul Ysart fish paperweight (ref. 5092)
Selkirk Glass LE
3D Primroses

Perthshire LE
Wild Budgies 2000E
Caithness LE
3D Butterfly
Paul Ysart
Harland fish

Modern French paperweight selection - more here

Baccarat Gridel stork 1977 paperweight (ref. 4692) Saint Louis 1975 flower paperweight (ref. 4694) Baccarat LE 1972 millefiori paperweight (ref. 5251) Baccarat garlands paperweight 1976 (ref. 4690)
Baccarat 1977
Stork Gridel
Saint Louis 1973
Flower and bud
£425.00 SOLD
Baccarat LE
1972 millefiori
1976 garlands


Antique French paperweight selection - more here

Antique Baccarat B1847 closepack (ref. 4592) Antique Baccarat interlaced garlands paperweight (ref. 19378) Antique Baccarat Anemone paperweight (ref. 2103) Clichy mini 2 roses (ref. 19093)
Antique Baccarat
B1847 closepack

Antique Baccarat
Interlaced trefoils
Antique Baccarat
Clichy 2 roses
2 inch


American paperweight selection - more here

Paul Stankard Cinquefoil plant 1981 £900.00 (ref. 4041) Ken Rosenfeld Bouquet paperweight (ref. 5272) Parabelle 1996 artist's proof (ref. 2559) Ronald Hansen flowers and buds paperweight (ref. 5192)
Paul Stankard
Cinquefoil plant 1981

£800.00 Reserved
Ken Rosenfeld
Bouquet 2000
Proof 1996

Ronald Hansen (US)
Flowers on red

Old English and Whitefriars paperweight selection - more here

Whitefriars EIIR 1953 paperweight (ref. 5596) Old English Richardson (ref. 3438) Kilner dump paperweight (ref. 212) Old English Richardson magnum paperweight (ref. 19103)
EIIR 1953
Old English
Richardson 7 row

Foil flower dump

Old English
Richardson mangum


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